Water Filtration involves the removal of harmful solids, contaminants, pathogens, solvents, bad tastes and foul odors.

  • Would you like your household water to taste and smell better?
  • Are you concerned about Chlorine and Chloramine in your water?
  • Do you currently spend money on bottled water?
  • Are you concerned about environmental contaminants?
  • Are there specific contaminants you are concerned about?
  • Would you like a maintenance free filtration solution?
  • Would you like to drink, bathe and cook in crystal clear great tasting water throughout your home?
  • Would you like your household's drinking water to be completely salt free?
whole house water filtration

Why you should address Chlorine and Chloramine in your water

  • Chlorine and Chloramine are potentially harmful chemicals added to munipal water to kill bacteria
  • They can be absorbed into our bodies through our skin, by breathing vapors while bathing and by drinking
  • They can dry out our skin, which can leave us itchy, dry and uncomfortable
  • They can damage our hair, requiring the use of conditioners and more frequent hair coloring
  • They are absorbed instantly into our foods and can make sauces and drinks taste foul

Whole House Water Filtration protects your family

  • Addresses Chlorine, Chloramine, tastes and odors in your water supply
  • Delivers better than bottled water quality from every tap in the home
  • No more purchasing bottled water
  • Great for cooking, making coffee, teas and juices
  • Shower and bathe in spring-like water


Aquafer™ Water Conditioner – Residential/Light Commercial

  • No chemicals or salt to add; no polluting chemicals to drain
  • No water to drain; no valve, thus no electrical use and no repair services
  • Provides safer healthier water at every faucet in your home, offices or complex
  • Eliminates the taste and odor of chlorine and chloramines
  • Reduces lead and other heavy metals in your water
  • Long life non-carbon media, bio-static; eliminates harmful effects of hard water scale
  • Improves plant growth via a lowered water surface tension
  • Provides salt free water conditioning and salt free whole house water filtration.
  • Makes soaps and detergents go further; prevents bathtub ring

The patented Dime Water, Inc. Aquafer™ series of units are quite possibly the most environmentally friendly multi-purpose Chemical Free water filter system ever produced. The Aquafer™ also treats water hardness and scale.

Old fashioned water hardness treatment systems rely on sodium ion exchange which can have adverse effects to both people and the environment. While ion exchange systems substitute salt (sodium) for calcium, the eco-friendly  Aquafer™ transforms dissolved calcium to crystallized calcium. Calcium in its crystallized state is rendered harmless and free from its objectionable scaling effects.

The Aquafer has many uses. The Aquafer is used where superior water is desired for both taste and functional use. It is also used where scale prevention is required, such as water heater pre-treatment, reverse osmosis pre treatment, etc.

The Aquafer™ is sold exclusively through Water Treatment Dealers and Licensed Plumbing Contractors.