salt free water softener
The "old fashioned" water hardness treatment systems of the past relied on sodium or potassium ion exchange. This has extremely adverse effects to both people and the environment. These outdated water softening methods substituted salt (sodium) or potassium for calcium. But, the eco-friendly Aquafer™ Water Conditioning System transforms dissolved calcium into crystallized calcium. And when calcium is in its crystallized state, it is rendered harmless and free from its objectionable hardness and scaling effects. Aside from the patented Catalytic / Magnetic Process, the Aquafer™ is unique in these following ways:

  • The adverse effects of water hardness are rendered harmless without the use of any chemicals like salt or potassium.
  • The existence of local bans on water softeners and waste discharge permits are not an issue with the Aquafer™ as well.
  • You are not adding pollution (salt or potassium) into your drains, water supplies or local municipal water treatment facilities.
  • You are not wasting thousands of gallons of water every year because weekly backwashes are no longer necessary.
  • The Aquafer™ is environmentally friendly, 100% maintenance free for at least 10 years and requires no electricity!

The Aquafer™ alters the state of the water by changing the chemistry of the water. But, it does not add anything to it. The calcium remains in a suspended state for up to 72 hours. Normal water usage indicates a typical household will turn the hot water over at least once a day. The calcium crystals will be washed down the drain before they have a chance to revert back to a dissolved state. This is a whole house water conditioner. As an extra bonus, after the scale prevention process, the water then flows through KDF, which removes chlorine, ammonia, lead, heavy metals and assists in the prevention of bacterial growth. Not only will the Aquafer™ provide your home with great tasting, healthy and safe water from every fixture in your home, but you will also use less shampoo, less laundry detergent and your plumbing fixtures will last longer too.