about freddie from agape watersHello Folks! My name is Freddie Salas and I am the owner of Agape Waters Plumbing in San Diego County, California.

I have been in the Plumbing Profession since 1984 and I have been installing Whole House Water Filtration Systems and Tankless Water Heaters since 2003. I am a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Plumbing Contractor with over 30 years of experience.

I also have a B.A. Degree from UCLA and a M.F.A. Degree from Otis/Parsons School of Design. As a result of my Art and Design background, I see things quite differently then your conventional “Plumber.” My Art & Design training, as well as my creative & practical solutions to my customer’s plumbing concerns, plays an important and vital role in all of my projects. My work is always clean and neat.

My main goal is to always make sure that my customers are well informed and 100% satisfied with my product knowledge, my attention to detail, my professional skills and my extremely competitive pricing.

Please give me a call to set up an appointment for your free consultation for all your Plumbing and Remodeling needs! I also offer Senior Citizens Discounts!

Call Freddie to make an appointment for a free consultation:
(760) 672-3133

Agape Waters Plumbing Missionary Work

Since 2014, Agape Waters Plumbing has been actively involved in part time Missionary work in Northern Baja Mexico, offering it's skills and services on construction projects with various Christian Ministries. Besides assisting in the general plumbing needs of these projects, Agape Waters Plumbing is in charge of the research, design, funding, and installation of the water filtration and water purification systems for these projects. Agape Waters Plumbing is passionate about providing these projects in Baja Mexico with clean, safe potable drinking water.

Interested in volunteering? Let me know and I will be happy to assist you!